After clicking with a simple point and shoot I develop my in interest in photography and purchased my first DSLR in January 2015, it was an entry level Canon 700D / T5i bundled with the kit of 18-135mm. Along with this I picked up the 50mm F 1.8 (non STM version) which is the best cheapest prime you can get for less than $100 USD.

I found that the kit lens (18-135mm F3.5 – 5.6) has been used the most in many shooting scenarios.  Only if I decide to give it a break for a day or two I put on my nifty fifty (50mm 1.8)

On a APS-C 18mm equivalent to 28.8mm (with 1.6 times crop factor for Canon) is a fair focal length to do streets.

When I have to do street portraits, I zoom in and move close to the subject. Because this is not a prime lens the aperture changes to 5.6 which is still reasonable for a portrait and creates a slight out of focus background.

It is always good to push the limits of your kit lens and make the best use of what you have.  This will be a sort of constraint however, this will let you get creative and the put the lens to its best use.


Kushti the hidden gem in Dubai

The begining

“Kushti” which translates to wrestle in English has been a favourite sport in India and Pakistan.  It was a pleasant surprise to see this sport in the modern city of  Dubai.


Every Friday the Pakistani blue collar workers gather in an open ground and challenge their physical strengths.

The Wrestler

The game lasts about an hour and closes towards dusk and is usually made of 4 or 5 rounds with different wrestlers.

The winner of every game walks around the audience mostly men of the same community collecting money as his prize. There is no minimum or maximum of the prize money, whatever the audience give the winner walks away with this.


The ring is prepared an hour prior to the game and the free flowing mud is sprinkled with water making it non slippery. Once the arena is ready, the first wrestler comes in and waits for the challenger who has to volunteer.


And the fight begins…

Varanasi an Experience

Varanasi aka Banaras is one of the oldest living cities in the world and there is no doubt about it.
Mark Twain rightly said “Banaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice old as all of these put together”
Wondering What
Wondering What

Located in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi is a spiritual city for the Hindu religion. Its here the final funeral rites are performed.

Being Alone
Being Alone
As a photographer the city has something new to offer in every step. From the ghats and the early morning prayers, to the kids and Sadhu’s on the streets one can find subjects in all directions.

Life by the ghats, Varanasi, India

Home to more than 85 ghats (Ghats are steps leading to the bank of the river Ganges) the everyday life for the Banarasi people starts with a bath in the holy river.

Walking in a foggy morning
A old man walks down to visit the temple located near one of the ghats on the banks.

It is considered that bathing in this sacred river helps one to get rid of their sins they might have committed in their previous life. For Hindus in India, the Ganges is not just a river but a mother, a goddess, a tradition, a culture and much more!

Standing in the Ganges on a winter morning, a Brahman of Hindu religion voices out the Mantra to himself before taking the holy dip.

From a ghat where the laundry is done to the most famous Manikarnika ghat Varanasi feeds every tourist with endless possibilities of photography.

A handful of water is thrown back in the river after the mantra is said once before it gets repeated.

Varanasi is a city which never stops surprising. A city of death, a city with some bizarre rituals when a dead body is burnt, a city surrounded with dirt, dust and noise, a city where is faith is intoxicating, a city with much and much more.

Image 6
Another Brahman from the Hindu religion seen cleaning his hands before starting his everyday rituals in the Ganges.

It’s a belief that dead humans find salvation when cremated at the Manikarnika ghat. The only ghat that is smoky through out the day and night. India is a country with varied culture and religious practices.

The path to Moksha
An elderly woman sits near the Manikarnika ghat selling the piles of wood used to burn the body of the deceased.

In  India death is considered as the gateway to another life. Elderly across the nation seek to spend their last stage of life in Kasi with a belief that absorbing the beauty of the ghats minimizes the pain of death.

Image 4
A western woman seems to meditating beside the Manikarnika ghat whilst few men look at her and the other taking the local tobacco before cleansing in the Ganges.



Dubai a destination which never stops surprising. Home to the worlds tallest tower to some finest hotels to the man made palm island this city grows in population everyday.
In this article I chose to show what a normal tourist would not see. In other words the active life of people who are the heart and soul of one of the top tourist destinations.
A Pakistani man near the loading bay of Deira creek
 Deira Creek is famous for the Iranian dhows (seen in the background) which transport goods from Iran to Dubai. These men spend their entire day and night in these dhows, all daily activities are done here including cooking, bathing etc,
Close up portrait of an aged Irani who heads one of the dhows
Iranian man in his bed inside the dhow.
Indian truck driver working at the Ras Al Khor industrial area
A group of young men chatting during the camel race in Dubai

“The greatest location in the world is the human face” – John Cassavetes

So, why is this?

Often we come across so many things in life, we meet new people, we have new conversations, we get lost in few of them or we laugh out the most in some. After all life is all about memories of what we have seen and experienced till the last breath of our lives.

Recreating a moment in life is next to impossible. There is a change in everything and everyday there is a change. So is life and its cherished moments. Though we cannot bring back the moments, with this blog I would like to showcase the people I have met and photographed.


Subjects in my photographs have something to say. Its their emotion I capture not their face.

The human race is unique and I love to photograph everyday.