Kushti the hidden gem in Dubai

The begining

“Kushti” which translates to wrestle in English has been a favourite sport in India and Pakistan.  It was a pleasant surprise to see this sport in the modern city of  Dubai.


Every Friday the Pakistani blue collar workers gather in an open ground and challenge their physical strengths.

The Wrestler

The game lasts about an hour and closes towards dusk and is usually made of 4 or 5 rounds with different wrestlers.

The winner of every game walks around the audience mostly men of the same community collecting money as his prize. There is no minimum or maximum of the prize money, whatever the audience give the winner walks away with this.


The ring is prepared an hour prior to the game and the free flowing mud is sprinkled with water making it non slippery. Once the arena is ready, the first wrestler comes in and waits for the challenger who has to volunteer.


And the fight begins…


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